Solar cable recycling

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Looking to recycle your solar cable? Van Pelt Recycling in Ridderkerk can help you out. Contact us today for solar cable recycling services.

Van Pelt Recycling is the ideal partner when it comes to recycling your solar cable. We have years of experience in the field of recycling and we know exactly how to get the most out of your solar cable. We'll take a look at the quality of your solar cable and weigh it, after which you'll money in return.

Solar kabel recyclen

Installer of solar panels? Earn money form your waste!

When you're finished installing solar panels, you may be wondering what to do with the leftover solar cable. The good news is that solar cable can be recycled! Van Pelt Recycling in Ridderkerk offers solar panel and solar cable recycling services. We provide the ideal solution for your waste stream and give you the best possible advice on how to recycle your solar panels and cables. Get in touch with us now!

Where do solar cables come from?

Fossil fuels are increasingly making way for new energy sources, such as large meadows with wind turbines and solar panels. As a result, old production locations, such as lignite factories, have to close. A lot of copper cable is needed for this energy transition. The electricity generated has to pass directly to the user via a fine-mesh grid.

The energy generated in solar panels travels via high-quality copper cables that can withstand high current values ​​and thereby offer protection against an early loss of energy. In this case we're referring to solar cables. They contain a high percentage of copper and a quality outer sheath, which is perfectly fitting for recycling.



Destroy materials? That is no problem for us. We provide complete reports which you'll receive, like a written report of the destruction process.


To make sure your products are recycled properly , it is important to hand them in to a certified recycling company such as Van Pelt Recycling.



Electronic devices are processed separately so that they do not end up in the environment and no harmful substances are released during the processing process.


Van Pelt Recycling collects the electronics and takes care of the entire process for you. For large quantities, Van Pelt supplies containers, which are also collected afterwards.


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