Electronics and waste recycling

at your company

As a company, you know that recycling electronics and scrap can save your company money. But the process of collecting and processing this waste can be time-consuming and burdensome. That's where we come in. We unburden you of the entire process, from collection to processing. So you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

And with the proceeds from recycling your waste, you can reinvest in your company and your community. So let us unburden you of your e-waste. It's what we do best.


Clean or renovate your company?

Are you renovating or cleaning up your business? Van Pelt Recycling can help you with this! We will pick up electronic scrap and metal scrap at a time that suits you. We then transport these to our location in Ridderkerk. Here we recycle all materials accurately and a specific measurement is taken to determine the value of the collected goods. After the process, your company will receive a detailed report of the process.

Container rental for electronics and metal scrap

It is also possible to rent containers for a longer period of time from Van Pelt Recycling. We have containers available in various sizes, which are delivered and collected by us at a time that suits you.



Destroy materials? That is no problem for us. We provide complete reports which you'll receive, like a written report of the destruction process.


To make sure your products are recycled properly , it is important to hand them in to a certified recycling company such as Van Pelt Recycling.



Electronic devices are processed separately so that they do not end up in the environment and no harmful substances are released during the processing process.


Van Pelt Recycling collects the electronics and takes care of the entire process for you. For large quantities, Van Pelt supplies containers, which are also collected afterwards.


The van Pelt Urban Mining section has a social character where people with a distance to the job market can gain work rhythm.