Metal & iron scrap recycling

at van Pelt Recycling

We are a scrap company based in Ridderkerk, which is in the Rotterdam harbour area. We are located 1 hour away from Airport Amsterdam Schiphol, The Hague and Antwerpen Harbour. For several years we are experienced in buying, shipping and demolishing scrap metal and electronic waste.

Our customers are private persons, industrial companies and metal traders. We can provide our high rated service in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK. If you have a challenge for us, please let us know. We would be happy to help you get rid of your metal scrap in a safe and efficient manner.


Scrap & iron recycling at harbours

At Van Pelt, we have a lot of experience recycling metal and iron scrap and waste from incoming ships. Our location near Rotterdam gives us easy access to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Van Pelt makes sure that trucks can reach the ship directly for recycling. Afterward, you will receive accurate reports about the measurements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you recycle your metal scrap in a safe and efficient manner.

Scrap recycling at your company

Does your company have large amounts of electronic waste or scrap? Van Pelt Recycling collects all old materials for recycling in Ridderkerk. If necessary, it is also possible to have a container placed. We have containers available in various sizes for this.



Destroy materials? That is no problem for us. We provide complete reports which you'll receive, like a written report of the destruction process.


To make sure your products are recycled properly , it is important to hand them in to a certified recycling company such as Van Pelt Recycling.



Electronic devices are processed separately so that they do not end up in the environment and no harmful substances are released during the processing process.


Van Pelt Recycling collects the electronics and takes care of the entire process for you. For large quantities, Van Pelt supplies containers, which are also collected afterwards.


The van Pelt Urban Mining section has a social character where people with a distance to the job market can gain work rhythm.